CrossFit is defined as “Constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.”

To better understand exactly what this means, let us try and break down each of these three categories.

CONSTANTLY VARIED — CrossFit is about always changing the workouts so that your body never adapts. Unlike many stationary, “traditional gym” movements and workouts, CrossFit prevents your body from getting used to one particular exercise or muscle group being worked, preventing that quick reach of plateaus you get with many other programs.

HIGH INTENSITY — Intensity is the act of creating power, or put another way, how much weight you can move over the longest distance in the shortest amount of time. Our goal is to create people who can run farther, move more weight, do more push-ups, flip a tire faster… all while doing it in a structured, controlled and safe environment with proper form.

FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS — These are movements humans were really born to do. Movements that are natural and safe…movements that we all use in everyday life such as squatting, deadlifting, pulling yourself up, lifting your kids, swinging an ax, etc. This does NOT include isolated bicep curls. This does NOT include using a “machine” to move weight. YOU are the machine! And you are more efficient and natural at moving weight. Nearly all movements that we do use many of the muscles in our body, from top to bottom, and very rarely would we call upon our body to move something heavy with one isolated muscle. CrossFit promotes a neurological and hormonal response, leading to better health, actual strength, actual core stability, agility and flexibility. CrossFit can be scaled to anybody, any age and any level of fitness.

It’s fun, it’s safe and best of all it gets RESULTS!

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