February 2016, my journey into Crossfit began. January 2017, my pure and intense love for it started. I began my journey at a different box, with different folks, learning and growing into an athlete. I was lifting, running, jumping and pull up-ing. But I was stuck. I was stuck in a complacent spot, and my coaches showed zero interest in making me become better. “If you can’t do it, just do scaled”…is what they would say. I wasn’t challenged, I was losing interest fast in a sport that I loved only a few months prior. But I wanted more. So my husband and I began our journey in finding a new box.
That’s where Wrath comes in. 
Wrath is a Crossfit experience like no other. The programming is a challenge, it’ll push you to your limits and make you question whether or not you can actually do what is being asked of you to do. But then you hear Zach or Scrappy or Chez yelling(motivating). You can do it and you can do it easily. And if you fail, they’ll show you how to do it. They’ll stop you in the middle of a workout and show you a more efficient way to do a movement, because they WANT you to do better. I switched boxes injured, a silent injury that I never talked about, but caught up to me fast during the first week of the open. I could hardly walk, lift my legs or sit without being close to tears. Zach recommended me to a great doctor at Airrosti, a company that specializes in Crossfit injuries and athletes, and I worked with him and the coaches at Wrath to help continue to workout and get better. They were able to allow me to continue to work out, they gave me alternatives during wods, and watched me close when I was starting to lift again. They are passionate, they are caring. They are now a big part of my family. 
Literally, my kids get mad at me when I tell them we’re skipping the box tonight. 


I started my journey into CrossFit approximately 1 year ago at my original box. It was an interesting journey and though a different type of coaching I learned the basics of CrossFit and was slowly losing my new found love for CrossFit. About 4 months ago, my wife and I started looking into a new box that our daughter could participate in CrossFit at. Little did we know that we just found OUR new box. We went in for our first class and we were soon introduced to Zach and Scrappy. That class was when we knew we found our new gym. All the coaches aren’t concerned about numbers or scores, they are more concerned with the movement.

We realized this box is more than just a gym, it’s a family. Everyone looks out for everybody, everybody cares for everybody, and everyone cheers everyone on!!!! Zach and Megan, along with every single one of the coaches, have created such a wonderful environment to workout in that I cannot see myself going anywhere else!!!!


My fitness journey started with a bad doctor visit. At 54 years old, I had out of control Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and was 120 lbs overweight. My doctor said if I didn’t get my numbers under control, things were not going to go well for me. He wanted to put me on insulin, which is not an option for a professional driver. I was contemplating getting a gastric sleeve for my weight, but he advised against it saying it usually only gives temporary limited results. I finally decided to get serious about a diet and exercise program.

I started eating healthy, and joined the nearest $10 a month big franchise gym. At first it was good. After being inactive for so long, any type of exercise was challenging, but I soon got bored riding the stationary bikes and treadmills, and I was beginning to “max out” the weights on many of the machines. I realized I really wasn’t challenging myself, and the “big box” gym didn’t really have any support available.

I would drive by Crossfit Wrath on my way to the gym, and always thought about checking it out. I had heard of Crossfit and always thought it would be too intense for me. That was for “elite” fitness nuts who ran 5 miles a day. Not me. I did some YouTube research and found out that they actually take on anyone who is willing to work hard and is interested in progressing. I signed up for a 6 session one on one orientation with the Owner/Head Coach Zach Anderson, where he evaluated what kind of shape I was in and taught me the fundamental movements of Crossfit. I was so sore I couldn’t move for days after my 1st session, but it felt good. I finally felt like I was really doing something about my fitness.

Zach knew exactly what to do, and didn’t try to rush me through. He knows exact how to motivate you, and push you to your limits without letting you get hurt. By the time I finished those first 6 sessions, I was hooked.  All of the members at Wrath are super friendly, non-judgmental, and cheer you on to do your best. We are like family. The coaches are outstanding. They insist that you do all of the movements in the correct, safest, most efficient manner. In 4 months at Wrath, I have become a new person physically.

I’ve lost 35 lbs while gaining muscle – something many people say is impossible. Instead of limping and gasping for air when I walk upstairs (I was a heavy smoker for 35 years). I now run upstairs or take them two at a time. I have energy to spare. I credit the coaches at Wrath, Zach, Scrappy, Chez, and Ashlee, for motivating me and keeping me in the right track. Back at the big box gym, I just felt like a number. At Wrath, you just know it’s not “just a job” for them. This is their passion. They are doing what they love to do, and it’s contagious.


In April 2014 I walked into Wrath as an out-of-shape 50-something who had never done any kind of exercise (except middle school P.E. class way too many years ago). I immediately felt welcome and included. Everything was scaled so I could do the same workout as everyone else, but with less weight and less complex moves. I can now keep up with the 20-somethings (for the most part), back squat while holding 150% of my body weight, and lift heavier weights than I ever thought possible. And I am loving every minute of it! I consider the people at Wrath to be my second family. I cannot imagine life without these people and without my Wrath.


My husband and I joined Crossfit about 5 months ago. Once you get past the soreness of the first two weeks, we found ourselves not wanting to watch TV on the couch anymore. We found ourselves doing things around the house and being productive where we once weren’t. Instead of lazy, we had so much energy. The people at Crossfit Wrath really sealed the deal for us as well. They push you to keep coming and working out. I’ve had people finish a whole workout before me and then come back and finish the same workout again along side me to help me finish! It’s truly a family and community that loves being together and we love being a part of it. We look forward to working out now because it’s fun and with friends. The workouts always change so you are never bored doing the same thing over and over and we listen to plenty of good music to help drown out any “I can’t” thoughts you might have! Crossfit Wrath is the best thing to happen to my husband and I. We can run around and keep up with our teenagers at church and are able to do so much more than we could before. Crossfit Wrath is one of the best decisions we have made and would do it all over again!


I was overweight, inactive and starting to worry about my health as I approached my 35th birthday. I have 2 small children that I want to be able to play with and see grow into adults! For over a year, my husband had been inviting me to work out with him at CrossFit Wrath, but I felt that I was not capable of doing Crossfit. I felt that I would never be able to do the movements and would not fit in with the community there. Then I met Coach Zach and his wife Megan, who changed my perspective on Crossfit. I joined Wrath and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have already lost pounds, I am gaining muscle, I am doing activities and movements that I never dreamed possible, and I am loving doing it! The community and camaraderie at Wrath is amazing! And Coach Zach is simply the best. His understandings of movements and how to explain things to a previous inactive person sets me up for success! I look forward to seeing my friends and to pushing myself past my limits every day…because I know now my current limits are just stepping stones to what I will one day be able to accomplish! If you are anything like me and think Crossfit isn’t for you…Give CrossFit Wrath a chance. It could change your life like it is changing mine!


This is what Crossfit Wrath has done for us…the past two years have transformed us in so many ways. We are healthy…we are so much stronger than we ever imagined we would be at this stage of our lives…we are loving life…and able to enjoy it more fully (and keep up with our 4 crazy kids) because of the lifestyle change we have made. Our friends and family continue to be shocked at our transformation, and I love sharing with them how truly blessed we have been to have found such an incredible place that has helped enrich our lives…helping us grow and become better versions of ourselves!


My name is Bruce. I am a 57 year old ex-college football player who was looking for a program that would enable me to get back into shape, despite a lack of shoulder mobility due to multiple surgeries. My wife has been a devout member of Wrath for over two years and I have witnessed firsthand the life changing effect the Wrath community has had on her. In the spring of 2015, I decided to join another CrossFit box that was logistically more convenient for me. While the location was desirable, I soon came to realize that the level of instruction, particularly regarding oly lifts and other gymnastic movements, was uninspired and lacking. Thirsting for more, I made the commitment to drive the additional miles and joined Wrath. BEST DECISION EVER! Coach Zach has the soul of a teacher and is a supporting, inspirational instructor. As an added bonus, the members embraced me as one of their extended family and I truly feel a part of the Wrath community. Will my name ever be on the top PR board for lifts – NO, will I have the most reps for an AMRAP or the best time for a daily WOD – NO, but that’s OK because I love coming to this box to better myself, knowing I will receive superior instruction with quality equipment and always count on unwavering support and friendship from my Wrath family. Don’t put it off…join Wrath today!


I NEVER dreamed at 56 years hold and having NEVER been an athlete in my life (although I always dreamed of being a professional athlete) I would EVER step into any Crossfit box. But here I am! Just six (6) weeks in an I am hooked! However, I am CONVINCED this would only happen at THIS box. Zach and Megan Anderson have created a community that breeds a commitment to each and every athlete to reach for their full potential NO MATTER where you are in your development. I am forever grateful for their vision of a Masters Functional Movement class. The common sense approach to each WOD that leads me to ensuring the best quality of life I can have as I continue to age gives me tremendous motivation. This isn’t about getting to some unrealistic “look” these WODs are about me getting stronger and healthier. I don’t know where Zach has been all my life but I am so grateful to have found him and his team!


My name is Darren, I am a 48 year old with Type 1 Diabetes for over 24 years. I have been a member of several gym’s off and on for 20 years. I wasn’t happy with the last gym I was a member of for various reasons, and wanted to try something different. I asked for advice on a Type 1 Diabetics athletes page on Facebook for a gym in my area, and a couple people suggested I tried Crossfit. One of the people that suggested it happens to be a coach at Crossfit Wrath and a type 1 diabetic. So coach Scrappy invited me to check out a class. When I walked in to watch the first class, it was like the members and coaches had been expecting me, they all introduced themselves, welcomed me, and were super friendly. Scrappy introduced me to the owners, Zach and Megan. Two of the nicest, hard working people i’ve ever met. I started classes the next day, and it was the toughest workout I had ever done, and when Zach said, “okay, we are about to start the WOD”, I asked “didn’t we just workout?” Turns out, ….it was just the warm-up.
For over 20 years of working out in a traditional gym, this is what I was looking for, everyone working, everyone doing the same workout to their ability, everyone doing their best, everyone being coached, helped, motivated, cheered on.
I finally found it,…and it clicked. These members, these coaches, these owners are family, and I am glad I found them.


More important than any gains I have made in my crossfit journey in the past few years is the excitement that has grown in my boys about their own fitness. Thank you to Coach Zach, Coach Ashley and the rest of our crossfit family at Wrath for welcoming my boys each time they walk into the gym and for sharing your passion, excitement and knowledge with them. Matt and Luke have started setting personal goals and WANTING to do crossfit at the gym and at home. They ask me to go out with them almost every day to lift weights and work on pull-ups. (Obviously an obsession they get from their mother, dang pull-ups!) And…they have started trying to change their eating habits as well to more healthy choices, even giving up soda on their own, and looking for what “protein” their meal will contain. Today, Matt quoted coach Zach and I laughed to myself, and thought how wonderful for him to have another great male role model in his life. And such a refreshing and comforting change from most of the coaches we have experienced in the past. Both Coach Ashley and Coach Zach are coaches that I am excited for my kids to spend time with. Coaches who knows that coaching is about more than pushing a kid. It’s about teaching that kid how to push himself. And that coaching isn’t about tearing kids down, but building them up with support that will have a positive impact on them long after they have left the gym. And that fitness doesn’t have to be miserable, a little dodgeball is a good thing. I can’t tell you how many times Matt and Luke have described crossfit to their friends as hard but fun. Luke always mentions the games and obstacle courses and Matt always mentions dodgeball! So thank you Crossfit Wrath coaches for all you have done for me AND my kiddos! From the classes to the side conversations, we are so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful place with such wonderful people and influences. #familyfitness #crossfitwrathfamily#coachedbythebest #lifelonggainz


Growing up, I always excelled in sports and stayed busy year round playing or training for the next tournament. After finishing my college career in softball, I never really missed the sport, just missed competing and being part of a team. I started Crossfit three years ago and absolutely loved the level of intensity and the opportunity to compete with yourself and others during class but still felt like something was missing. After moving cities and trying out a few boxes, I finally found Wrath this year and found a team I wanted to be a part of. With amazing people who support you every day and phenomenal coaching, it’s refreshing to come to the box. I’m constantly learning something new, but nothing compares to working alongside others to achieve a common goal (and enjoying every minute of it – most days!) with such great people. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Wrath is the right place for you. You’ll learn more and push yourself farther than you thought possible, but the team here makes it even more worth it.