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These are traditional group Crossfit classes — what your friends have probably told you about! These classes include a skill-based warm-up, skill or strength training, the Workout of the Day (or “WOD”), and mobility work. The workout can and will be scaled based on your ability!  Some days the WOD will be 10-25 minutes of metabolic conditioning that includes several different CrossFit movements measured for time or in “AMRAP” form (as many rounds a possible). On other days, we may focus on a strength piece (like a 1 rep max backsquat) followed by a shorter metabolic conditioning “finisher” workout.


Open gym is a non-structured environment in which you are able to come in to work on strength work, make up a missed WOD that you wanted to try, or simply work on mobility! If you are a private client with individualized programming, this is a great time to come in and work! These time slots are supervised by a coach, but coaching is not interactive. Open gym sessions are included in all Unlimited/Games Bound memberships. Otherwise, there is a $15 drop-in fee.


Crossfit Kids is designed to ensure a lifetime love of fitness. That’s why we put FUN first. We will also work on perfect movement and offer corrections throughout our time together, but it is important to us that your child always feel successful and confident. We always work harder when we feel empowered and have a passion for it! It is my truest hope that your kids leave each class having felt successful and excited, and setting them up for a lifetime of health.

Our program is designed to be varied, combining components of gymnastics, weightlifting (we won’t be lifting any heavy weights with this age, we will be working on technique unloaded or with very light weights), and calisthenics. Studies show that a varied exercise program has many positive impacts on a child. Their brains are like sponges and the more stimuli we can provide, the more connections and capacities they create and retain for their life!

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We know from these same studies that increases in cerebral blood flow from exercise results in a healthier, more efficient brain and throughout our program we will integrate activities to stimulate their vestibular system, which improves sensory integration – a skill necessary for reading and learning. We will also work on sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, listening skills, self-discipline, and manners. We want this hour to impact everything they do during the week! Click HERE to learn more!

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