So, what is your next step?  Well, we have two options for you to get started below.

If after viewing all of the wonderful content on our website, including tons of pics, coach bios, just a few testimonials, our schedule, etc. you need even more info about CrossFit Wrath and how we can help you become a better YOU, click HERE.


If you are totally ready and super pumped to get started, and you want to try a FREE Trial Class today, click HERE!


Our membership options ensure that we have something for everyone! Whether you are looking to supplement your current training regime with CrossFit classes or plan to compete in the Sport of Fitness, our schedule and programming can accommodate you!

Is signing a contract necessary? Absolutely Not! You are perfectly welcome to renew your membership on a month-to-month basis! The contract pricing is obviously a better value for a variety of reasons, but we understand that some folks are uncomfortable with commitment up front. Bottom line: we want you here, and we want to help you get fit – we will not pressure you!

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