Coach’s Corner is brought to you by Coach Chase this fabulous Thursday!! And without further ado…(I know the graphic is epically awesome, but the words here are good, too….😏😝)

“Hey y’all, the main emphasis on this week’s coaches corner is the art of listening. Bryant H. McGill once said, “one of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” Building on this, I think that the nature of a crossfit class has taken away some opportunities to learn new things. You come in and look at the WoD and decide to start warming up and wait for the class to start. Once the class starts and you’re all warmed up, you walk over to the rack to do back squats while the coach is talking but it’s okay because you’ve back squatted a thousand times. Certainly this time is no different. You get your WoD in and you go home and you really haven’t learned much.

The problem lies in the routine. Routine is our enemy. Now ask yourself this. What did you learn from that class? You can’t do 6×3 of heavy front squats without your knees killing you? Hahaha okay that’s me. So, could there be a chance that the coach who was teaching said something important about the knees before squatting? The point im getting at is that more often than not we come into the gym, get our WoD in, and go home. That is something we want to steer away from. Take the opportunity when you come into class to learn something. It may not happen the first time but I know from experience that all it takes is for someone to give a different cue and it can change your whole perspective on a movement. If you have questions about something DO NOT be afraid to ask. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question… Well, except for which box is the best in Houston because we all know the answer is Wrath 🐲😏

-Take the time out of your day to listen to your coaches because ultimately all we are trying to do is help you. Help me.. Help you!
– Make an effort to learn something new every time you come in the gym. If class is almost over and you haven’t learned anything go ask a question! It doesn’t even have to be related to that specific WoD
– Lastly, let’s make routine our enemy so we can set out and conquer our goals! 💪🏻”

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