This week’s “Coach’s Corner” is brought to you by yours truly 💁 Building on what Coach Travis said last week, I hope this message somewhat resonates with everyone. I’d love to hear some feedback and discussion among Wrath Nation!😺 Hope everyone has a great day!! 💪😎

Wrath Nation, listen up.. come in close.. there is something I want to talk about that I believe we can ALL benefit from. (especially me).

Let’s start off with the ACTUAL definition of CrossFit, which is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. Simple as that. Routine is the enemy. Go hard and fast. Perform movements that enhance your life outside the box.

Breaking it down even more, let’s just focus on two words. HIGH. INTENSITY. 😳 As crossfitters, intensity is a major component to maximize all that blood, sweat, and tears we leave at the box. What do I mean? Intensity = results. It increases strength, performance, muscle mass, and bone density. You may be thinking like what the heck, Chez? ALL of our workouts are intense.. why are you rambling?? 😏

Well to be honest, I can tell you that I have started to get “comfortable” in my WODs by taking a step back from intensity and I didn’t even notice – I mean I still breathe hard and collapse after every work out. 💀 Shouldn’t that be enough? Not quite..😟 Intensity is giving 100% effort (reference Coach Trav’s post last week) in every WOD. It’s doing MORE work in LESS time. It is picking the barbell up when you REALLY don’t want to. It’s doing 2-3 more reps after your mind says “I CAN’T.” Intensity BURNS. It’s that rolling around in pain after the workout knowing there was no way in hell you could’ve done more.

I can tell you that your mind will almost always give up before your body does. Don’t let it. You are more CAPABLE than you give yourself credit for, and we coaches know it. I want Wrath Nation to trust us when we say: “Keep going,” “Give me more reps,” “You can do this!” because ultimately YOU CAN. We know this, and it’s time for you to find out for yourself. Get the most out of your WODs by pushing yourself to that “dark place” Camille is always talking about. (that’s a CLB reference 💁) Listen to the coach if they scale the WOD for you or if they won’t let you scale the WOD this time. We do it for your benefit and to maximize YOUR RESULTS. Get comfortable being uncomfortable and I guarantee you will get fitter for it. Lastly ask yourself, “Can I do ONE more rep?” and I bet you an orange Kill Cliff the answer will almost always be YES. 😎

Here are some tips to keep the intensity up in your next WOD:
-Don’t make deals with yourself. Start with a game plan and STICK to it! You can always do more than you think! 💪
-Trick yourself. If you plan on resting for 5 seconds – get back at it after 3 seconds rest.
-Commit to doing 2-3 reps more than your normal sets.
-Focus on one thing at a time. Don’t dread those burpees coming up, they aren’t going anywhere and we are all suffering through them together. 🙂
-Be positive. Switch out the negative thoughts with “I got this!” 👊
-Motivate your friends around you!

*Disclaimer: while intensity is CRUCIAL, we want to make sure our form is safe and consistent before we crank the intensity up… ALWAYS listen to your coach! *

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