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Get your Science and PE class in one stop with our Homeschool Anatomy and Crossfit Kids class!

We will meet each Tuesday at 10am for one hour beginning January 19th and work our way through the various systems of our body as we engage our body in functional movements and learn how these systems connect and interact. We will use that knowledge to learn new physical skills and learn how best to care for our body!

We will begin each session with a warm up game to prepare our body and brains, as well as to establish our skill and focus for the day. It’s very important we activate the vestibular system through rolling, spinning, and being upside down. When our vestibular system is stimulated, our brain becomes primed for learning and studies have shown it can increase retention, focus, and even reduce the effects of various learning difficulties!

When our brains are primed, we will gather together for a hands-on activity or experiment to understand our body system. Be prepared to learn some truly awesome (and sometimes disgusting!) facts about our amazing bodies! Once we conclude our approximately 15 minute Anatomy activity, we will reinforce our lesson through active games.

These active games will not only reinforce our Anatomy lesson, they will also focus on our 10 general physical skills  – cardio respiratory endurance, flexibility, stamina, strength, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance. We will play lots of exciting games and use them as a vehicle to learn how to properly squat, pick things up, move our bodies, and do some fun gymnastics skills. We want our Crossfit Kids to learn techniques and skills that will transfer to their everyday life and be useful for many years to come!

Finally, you are HIGHLY encouraged to bring your child’s most difficult subject with you and as soon as class is over, take 15-20 minutes and do that subject’s lesson. We will keep the gym open for 20 minutes after class, because this window of opportunity is too good to miss! The vestibular system is at it’s best and children have an amazing opportunity to focus and retain information while their heart rate is elevated in this window. Seize this opportunity and tackle that difficult math lesson or practice reading!


1st child: $60/month
2nd child: $50/month
3rd child: $40/month
4+ kids: $190/month total


Home School Class – Tuesday at 10:00 am